Blogging for Money

For some time now I have been a student of Internet Marketing. I can't pinpoint the date that I started hanging out in cyberspace, it just sort of happened gradually. What I can pinpoint is the year, the month, the date that I took it seriously and decided to make something of it and become an Internet Marketer. I took my first course, then another, then another... and I will continue to take more.

Knowing what I now know, were I to start my Internet Marketing career today, I would start by blogging. My Internet Marketing education was akin to baptism by fire. The learning curve steep, the investment of time significant, the financial outlay a small ransom. It was all worth it and I will defintely continue as the learning never ends.

Why start with blogging? Onwards:

1. Easy Introduction to Internet Marketing
This is like learning the alphabet, the ABC of Internet Marketing. It introduces you to the basics and then you learn how to string words from the alphabet.

2. Affordable for Everyone
You can start without any cash outlay, that's right, with zero cash, zip, nada!
Yes, there are courses and if you have space left on your plastic it is worth the investment, usually under $100 and more often for under $50.

3. Make Money Righ Away
It won't be the money truck pulling up to your driveway, but you can start making money from the get go. I like this because you begin to see results from your efforts. Caution... the return on time investment will be off balance to start, but eventually it catches up and then woohoo! you are in the four figure range per month.

4. Builds a Strong Platform for Your Internet Marketing Career
There are people who are making as much as twenty, thirty and even more thousand dollars per month just from their blogging. Be still. It does not happen overnight. More importantly, these same people use blogging to promote other online businesses which they were able to launch. Blogging gave them the foundation to go further in the world of Internet Marketing.

5. Time Effective
You don't need to burn the midnight oil to see progress in blogging. One to two hours a day, consistently, will begin to show results.

Want a career in Internet Marketing? Learn how to blog for money. Each year I take on a project. My project this year is the creation of a new blog, total transparency, each step posted on my Blog Along With Me blog as I set up a new blog with results being measured on the new blog. I am hanging myself out to dry... no idea what the results will be. Might even run into a snag or two as I will be implementing some new things too. I have no idea what my monetary results will be nor do I promise a certain result for you, but one thing for sure, if you follow me you will have a blog of your own and you will begin to make your first online dollars.

Build your IM Muscles... full details continue reading here Blog Along With Me

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